B+E Trailer Training

B+E trailer towing training in Norwich & Norfolk

B+E – the trailer towing category allows you to drive a vehicle with trailer, horse box or caravan where the combination is over 3.5 tonnes MAM (maximum authorised mass).

About our trailer training instructors
17 Plus has been providing trailer training to people within Norwich and across Norfolk and Suffolk for over 37 years to drive confidently and safely. All out trailer training instructors are qualified professionals with a patient approach, ensuring that all our students are safe on the roads.

Why do you need trailer training?
Since 1997 if anyone would like to tow a trailer they might have to take another test (B + E) trailer training test. The test itself consists of two parts and is of 60 to 90 minutes duration by an LGV (large goods vehicle) examiner employed by the DVSA.

First section
The first part will be conducted off road, probably at the test centre. Before you begin, you will have to read a new style number plate from a distance of 20 metres.

The examiner will ask you 5 ‘show me – tell me’ questions. Then you will need to show the examiner that you can confidently drive and control the car with the trailer whilst doing a reversing manoeuvre. You will need the ability to undertake safety checks on your vehicle and trailer – this will include disconnecting and connecting the trailer.

Second section
The second part is conducted on the road.

The driving test will last approximately 60 minutes and, with your trailer, you will be tested as you would on an ordinary L test for a car. To pass the test you will need to obtain no more than 15 minor faults and without a serious or dangerous fault (one of these will result in a failure). There is no requirement to do any reversing whilst on the road; however, there is an independent driving element lasting about ten minutes where you will be required to follow road signs and markings.

To obtain a pass, the test should be driven with good forward planning, understanding the need for good road positioning at all times, along with excellent mirror and observational understanding. Three hours are required on the day of the driving test to include test time, extra practice and travelling.

How we do our trailer training in Norwich
In all our years of driver training we have understood that everyone is different; we believe that a course of trailer training should be based on the individual needs of the driver.

It’s unfair that a twenty year experienced driver should be on the same course as a novice driver who has just passed their driving test.

So, the fairest way is to start with an initial assessment of your driving ability. This usually lasts 3 hours, priced at £150.00 and is taken in our 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicles that we have at our Norwich depot. We will introduce you to the off road exercises in some detail and see how you cope.

The driving assessment will be done on the road and consist of driving on a variety of road and traffic conditions. After completion, our experienced instructor will discuss and explain the areas of weakness which will result in how many hours of trailer training he thinks you need to pass the test.

Passed learner using our trailer training in Norwich, Norfolk

£150 Half day / 3 hours
£295 1 day / 6 hours
£436.50 1.5 days
£570.00 2 days

Extra lessons in addition to any course at £45 per hour
(the above costs are based on a one-to-one basis)
DVSA Test fee £115.00

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