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B+E trailer towing training in Norwich & Norfolk

As of Autumn 2021, the laws around the driving B+E category for towing trailers changed. From the  16th of December  2021, any driver can now tow a trailer weighing up to 3000kg with a suitable vehicle. Driving licenses will automatically be updated to add the B+E category when an address is changed or the photo is updated. Previously, a driver passing after 1997 would have had to take an official B+E test to ensure that they met the criteria necessary for driving with a car/trailer combination exceeding 3500kg safely. These tests were no longer available after 20th September 2021.

Although an official test is no longer required, it is essential for any driver (operating as part of your business) to have full understanding and training for towing a trailer. The liability for accidents or fatalities involving your drivers remains with the business owner. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that all drivers are fully trained.

As a private driver it is also essential to ensure you have the necessary skills to tow safely with things such as caravans and horse trailers.

Why do you still need trailer training?

The core of our training is ensuring that health and safety laws are adhered to and that your corporate responsibility is met. According to Driving For Work, people who drive for work are 40% more likely to be involved in a collision. With our training you can be confident you are doing everything to ensure your team is driving safely on the roads. And, should an accident occur, you have fulfilled your responsibility by supplying appropriate training.

How we conduct our trailer training

At 17 Plus we understand that every business is different. We will tailor a unique course for your staff and business requirements. We can minimise downtime for your business by delivering bespoke training courses at your premises (pending required space)

When conducting our trailer training, it is important it is suitable for the drivers attending. For example, a new driver will have different weaknesses to an advanced driver who has been driving for years. In order to establish what the course should entail, we carry out a driver assessment which enables us to design a course that is specific to your staff and their abilities.

About our trailer training instructors

17 Plus provide training to your team to give them the confidence to drive safely. Our team have been training drivers to tow trailers for more than 37 years within Norwich, and across Norfolk and Suffolk. Our qualified professionals have an understanding and patient approach our duty is to ensure all students leave with the confidence to be safe on the roads.

Passed learner using our trailer training in Norwich, Norfolk

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